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If you get hurt on-the-job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits provided by your employer. Workers’ compensation benefits are meant to compensate employees who were injured while at work or became ill due to circumstances of his or her job. We help injured workers receive all the benefits they are entitled to as a result of their work injuries.

After all, it is not your fault you were injured on the job, and you have a right to be treated fairly by your employer and their insurance company. As an injured worker, you are entitled to receive all of the medical treatment reasonably necessary for a full recovery. If you are hurt on-the-job, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company (unless they are self-insured) is responsible for your missed wages and 100% of your authorized medical expenses, this includes reimbursing you for your travel expenses to and from all medical appointments and pharmacy trips.

If necessary, you are also entitled to future care. While you miss time from work, pursuant to your doctor’s orders, you are entitled to temporary total disability (TTD) compensation. Also, if you are unable to return to your job you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation.

Additionally, if your world gets turned upside down and you hear that you may be impaired for the rest of your life, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. We will secure a permanent impairment rating (and if warranted, a vocational disability rating from a vocational expert) from your physician so that you continue to be fully compensated.

If an employee is injured at work in Alabama, the employee is governed by the Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation Act of 1992 unless the employer has fewer than five employees or falls within one of the few exemptions provided by the Code of Alabama. An employee may be entitled to workers’ compensation if the employee is injured or killed in an accident on the job.

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