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Consumer fraud is any instance in which an individual suffers a financial or personal loss because of false, deceptive, unfair, illegitimate or misleading business practices.

There are many different types of consumer fraud – fake charities, fake lotteries, debit card fraud, mortgage fraud, poorly manufactured and defective products, insurance fraud, automobile fraud, unfair repair practices, elder fraud, brokerage and securities fraud, etc. The list goes on and on.

Automobile fraud is a very common practice nowadays. Dealerships may fail to reveal the true condition of a car or truck and sell it using false information. This may be the case if an automobile was in a wreck or damaged, and the dealership concealed it. Odometers can also be tampered with.

Insurance fraud usually happens after a catastrophe. The insurance company will say that an individual’s claim is not covered and deny payment.

Consumer fraud and consumer class action lawsuits are civil actions brought by one or more individuals on behalf of a larger group who have been the victim of the same type of consumer fraud. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to compensate the people who have endured the wrongdoing.

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