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Personal injury cases protect you or your loved ones that are harmed or injured in an accident at the negligence or intentional act of another party. Day-to-day accidents are very common; however, that should not dismiss the pain, suffering and confusion an individual experiences.

Personal injury claims can be divided into several different categories. Some common personal injury lawsuits include those filed for car accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and slips and falls. Basically, any negligent action that causes you or your loved one’s bodily harm can constitute a personal injury lawsuit.

Should you find yourself needing to initiate a personal injury case, there are a couple of different ways to address these legal disputes. We can pursue a formalized personal injury lawsuit that will go through civil court proceedings with a court judge.  However, many disputes are resolved through an informal settlement. No matter the course of action, we are fully equipped to handle your personal injury case.

Our areas of expertise regarding Personal Injury lawsuits include:

Time limits exist with respect to filing personal injury lawsuits, and this is called the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for Alabama personal injury claims is typically two years, but there may be a few exceptions so you should always consult an attorney. Once the statute of limitations passes, you will not be allowed to file a lawsuit, so timeliness is key in these cases.

When a person files a personal injury lawsuit, he or she is seeking financial compensation for his or her injuries. There are various state laws that govern the amount of money you can collect from a personal injury lawsuit. If you are ever involved in an accident in which you suffer personal injury, you need the expertise of a good Birmingham or Alabama personal injury lawyer.

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