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Your time as a lawyer or judge is valuable. As a solution, mediation can speed up processes and situations where a conflict has arisen with your clients, and they need a faster resolution than formal litigation or arbitration. It saves both your time and theirs.

Why Consider Mediation?

As you know, there are several advantages when it comes to mediation. If your client prefers independence or wants to speed through a process, mediation is best. Mediation allows the choice to be your clients’ decision. The agreement will be on the clients’ terms and conditions. Unlike other areas of law such as a courtroom, mediation also focuses on the needs, interests, and feelings of the clients, thus allowing a decision more sensitive to the clients. This form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows both parties to not only tell their side of the story, but it also treats the situation as a problem that has underlying issues that need to be solved, whereas a courtroom does not. Not only can mediation save you time to focus on other cases, but it also saves your clients time and money.


Is Mediation Right for Your Case?

Mediation is best for cases that require an agreement beneficial to both parties. Explain to your clients that a courtroom leaves much more room for chance to benefit only one party, such as your opponent. At mediation, all of the issues can be discussed with a third party, and that party can objectively speak with both sides to try and settle the claim.

We also offer domestic relations mediation. Our expert team of mediators can handle negotiations between spouses looking to file for divorce and split their assets amicably. The benefits of having a third party during your divorce proceedings and negotiations are essential to any legal disputes in a domestic relationship.


Choosing A Mediator

The most important factors when it comes to choosing the right mediator for you and your case is experience, education, and reputation. Both Jon and Danny graduated from Vanderbilt School of Law, and each have over twenty-five years practicing law and solving disputes.

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