Things to Know if You Are Injured at a Big Box Store

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Things to Know if You Are Injured at a Big Box Store

Things to Know if You Are Injured at a Big Box Store

If you are injured while at a store, don’t be discouraged to report the incident to the store manager. If you sustained an injury while in a store it is important to follow these guidelines.

Report It
Be sure to report the incident. The most commonplace to do so is at the Customer Service help desk. They should get a manager to take your statement. Most companies will have an accident form that will need to be completed by you and the manager on duty.

Never say you are fine
It’s understandable to immediately downplay your injury and say you are “okay” or “fine” but stay away from stating these words. Sometimes, you might later find that you are hurting all over and the store might report that no injuries were suffered.

Make sure that your incident it is properly documented with the store manager. Take note of what caused your injury. Was the floor wet? Did anyone else see it? Be as specific as you possibly can in case these details arise at a later time. Try to get a copy of the incident report. Of course, if you are severely injured, this would be up to the person(s) you are with

Get names of witnesses and employees
It is important to inquire about the names of the managers and the employees on shift at the time of the incident. This information might not seem very important at the time, but it will be if you were injured. If another patron witnessed your accident, you can ask if they would provide their account to the store employees as well.

Take pictures of scene and injury
If possible, take pictures of the area that you were injured in, as well as any hazards that might be within the area. It is also important to take clear, detailed photos of the injuries you sustained at the time of the accident.

In order to make a recovery, the store has to have done something wrong to cause the injury.

Seek medical assistance
Go to an urgent care, your primary physician, or the emergency room after the incident and get a check-up. Let the doctors and nurses know what happened and document the visit along with any receipts from the visit. The store where the injury took place may want you to see a specific doctor. You will need to decide which course of action you are most comfortable with.

Contact a Lawyer
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