Your Neighbor’s Dog Bit You, Now What?

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Your Neighbor’s Dog Bit You, Now What?

Your Neighbor’s Dog Bit You, Now What?

A common question that is often heard is: “What should I do if my neighbor’s dog bites me?” Well, dog bites tend to occur more often than we think. And, while a dog may be man’s best friend, when they become aggressive, the owner is legally responsible for taking the steps to keep their dog from injuring anyone. Keep reading below to find out a few steps to take if you are bitten by a dog.

Medical Attention
Your health should always be your first priority. Dogs can transmit diseases such as rabies. Get yourself checked even if you think that you weren’t seriously injured.

Document the Incident
If a dog bite occurs, even if it’s the neighbor’s dog, the police should be called and a report created immediately after the accident. In your own words describe exactly what happened and how it happened. Further, Animal Control will get involved, and the dog will be quarantined if the dog owner can’t provide proof that the dog has had its rabies shots.

Determine if Negligence Was Involved
Has your neighbor warned you about the dog’s behavior prior to the incident? Had you ever told the neighbor that the dog makes you uncomfortable? If you did, did the neighbor do anything to keep their dog restrained? Did anything occur in the situation where the neighbor showed negligence or carelessness? Could anything you did be considered as provoking the dog? Be sure to document any evidence you may have that shows signs of negligence. This may be useful to you later.

Talk to Your Neighbor
You will be dealing with your neighbor for awhile after this accident. Talk to them calmly and be rational when explaining what occurred and your complaint. They may offer to help pay for your medical bills and help guarantee that this doesn’t occur again!

Talk With an Attorney
If your neighbor is being uncooperative and you are not able to come to a resolution on your own, it may be time to contact an attorney.

While dog bites occur often, it is important to take the above steps after the incident occurs. Your first course of action should be to seek medical attention. Immediately following, you should file a police report and be sure to remember all of the important details. If you find yourself victim to a dog bite, Lewis and Feldman are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your case further and we will ensure the best help possible.

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