The Dangers of Decks in Birmingham, AL

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The Dangers of Decks in Birmingham

The Dangers of Decks in Birmingham, AL

A 3-year old died and two minors were injured when a deck collapsed with 10 people on it in Birmingham, Alabama on June 4, 2019. This catastrophic accident happened at a private residence where a family gathering was taking place. In this specific instance, fire officials determined that the deck had begun to separate from the house, causing the entire structure to give way and fall nine feet.


While no one intended this to happen, these instances can occur when homeowners don’t take the necessary precautions. While we all love spending time outdoors during the summer months,  there are some potential dangers that must be taken into consideration. Deck safety is something to remain diligent about, especially since what’s the point in having a deck if you can’t use it? Keep reading as we discuss the dangers of decks in Birmingham, Alabama and hazards you should be aware of.


Loose Connections

Do you have a railing on your deck that wobbles? While this may be easy to overlook or put off on your list of things to do, any part of your deck that should be stationary that wobbles is a sign of a failing connection. A deck should not be used if it creaks loudly when you are walking on it or if you can feel it giving way. In the event either of these things happen, get off immediately because this is a sign the structure is failing.


Pieces are Missing

Are there pieces on your deck that are missing such as railings or flooring? Be sure to replace them before using the deck again. It’s important to figure out why the piece came off in the first place. This could help you determine if there is a larger issue at hand.


Metal is Corroding

Metal pieces on your deck include the following: screws, flashing and joists. If you begin to notice signs of corrosion or rust on these items it could be a sign of water damage. This could cause issues with the soundness of the structure.



The steps are a great place to start when trying to prevent an accident. Make sure each one is secure, not wobbly or out of place. If you notice anything out of place on the steps, be sure to fix this immediately or it could lead to a trip to the hospital. Also, be sure to check the handrails. Over time they can become less secure and unable to hold as much weight pushing against them.


Avoid a potential injury on your deck by providing routine maintenance and taking care of any issues that you notice when they arise. If you or someone you know has been injured, contact the team at Lewis & Feldman.


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