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Often times, personal injury lawyers get a bad rap. Many people may find them gimmicky based on commercials or advertisements they see, and you’ve probably heard the infamous nickname “ambulance chaser.” There are many stigmas and myths out there that are far from reality. Let us take a few seconds to debunk these untruths for you.

Cases Take Years to Settle
Don’t let this myth stop you from hiring our firm to represent you in a claim and, if necessary, file a lawsuit. It is a common misconception that these types of cases go on and on forever, but the truth is most personal injury claims settle before even making it to court. In fact, many cases can be thoroughly and fairly settled within maybe a few months months.

My Injuries Aren’t Severe Enough for a Case
Just because your injuries are minor does not mean that you should settle for some low ball offer from the insurance company. We will fight hard to get your medical expenses compensated and get the fair settlement you deserve.

I Don’t Want the Party at Fault to Have to Pay Out-of-Pocket
You are not about to financially devastate the at-fault party for filing a case. In fact, it is the at-fault party’s insurance company that will be paying the settlement.

I Have Plenty of Time to File a Personal Injury Case
Time is of the essence! The State of Alabama has a statute of limitations, which means you typically have two years from the time the incident occurred to file a claim. However, there are exceptions; for instance, you have 6 months to file an affidavit of claim against a city. Timing is also crucial for preserving evidence. The sooner you speak to us the quicker we can resolve your case fairly.

I Can Get Rich Quick by Filing a Personal Injury Claim
There is absolutely no guarantee that you will receive any compensation just because you have a claim. If your case winds up in court, it is up to the judge or jury and rulings of the court to determine if you receive compensation of any kind. If you think this is a brilliant way to make easy money, we are not the attorneys for you.

We Live in a “Sue Happy” Society
While there may have been some lawsuits in years past that end up on the news that are over-the-top and seem ridiculous, there are people that are truly injured and stuck with growing medical expenses that are not eager to sue in the least. It is unfair for honest people to suffer the consequences due to someone else’s negligence. Further, lawsuit filings in Alabama are down as of late.

Healthcare Costs are Skyrocketing Due to Personal Injury Claims
There are many factors that contribute to healthcare costs increasing. One of the major reasons has to do with the increase in chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease – neither of which have to do with personal injury.

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