Is There a Formula For a Car Crash Injury Case?

By hummingbirdsouth on May 03 in Lewis & Feldman Blog.

Is There a Formula For a Car Crash Injury Case?

Is There a Formula For a Car Crash Injury Case?

Did you know that there are more than 6 million people involved in car accidents each year? With such an astounding statistic, it makes you wonder if there is a specific way insurance agencies evaluate these incidents. Surprisingly, this is not the case.

Every Case Is Different

With so many injuries coming from car accidents, insurance agencies have developed average values that are used when accessing an injury case. With that being said, it is not set in stone and varies on each individual case. For example, if a 25-year-old pregnant female and a middle-aged CEO got into the same car accident, they would not receive the same injury claims due to the difference in the individuals.

What Factors Go Into the Settlement?

There are several factors that make each case unique. In fact, there could be anywhere from 10 to 100 different factors that are taken into consideration in a car accident case. Some example  factors that may play a part could be your age, who was at fault, or your specific insurance company. Although not widely advertised by insurance companies, most of them will use what they call a “multiplier” to evaluate your case.

What is a Multiplier?

Simply put, a multiplier is used on top of the amount of your specific damages. An insurance company may multiply the amount of damages by “two or three” to get an average value you may receive for your claim. This can give insurance adjusters a better view of what your claim is worth after physical and mental pain from the incident.

In short, there is no particular formula for a car crash injury case. The best way to handle your case is to contact an attorney to assist you. The attorneys at Lewis and Feldman are experienced and put your needs before anything else. They will investigate your car accident claim while also understanding your case is completely different from others.

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