Bicycle Laws In Alabama

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Bicycle Laws In Alabama

Bicycle Laws In Alabama

For anyone who rides a bicycle, safety should be their number one priority. This is why the state of Alabama has enacted several bicycle laws in order to protect everyone on the road. First of all, did you know that, to the state government of Alabama, bicycles are considered vehicles? This means bicyclists should follow the rules of the road just like all other motorists. If you ride a bike, then you’ll want to read more about the bicycle laws in Alabama.

Helmet Safety

In Alabama, anyone under the age of 16, passenger or driver, must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. And while those 16 and older are not required to wear a helmet, it’s better to be protected than to suffer a head injury due to a fall.

Obey All Traffic Signs and Signals

Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as all motorized vehicles. Those riding bicycles are required to obey all traffic signs and signals. This includes stopping at red lights with the rest of traffic.

Do Not Ride on Sidewalks

Bicycles, along with all motorized vehicles, are not permitted on sidewalks in the state of Alabama.

Increase Your Bicycle’s Visibility at Night

If you ride your bicycle at night, you are required to equip your bicycle with proper lighting gear. All cyclists must install a white light on the front of their bicycle that has a range of 500 feet. The back of the bicycle must have a red reflector that can be seen from up to 600 feet.

No Bicycling Under the Influence

Everyone knows that alcohol and driving do not mix. The same goes for cyclists since a bicycle is considered a vehicle in Alabama. Cyclists caught riding under the influence are subjected to the same punishment as motorists.

Must Use Designated Bicycle Paths

Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on the road if there is a bike path or bike lane available.  Bicyclists are required to ride as close to the right side of the road as possible, with the exception of making a left turn. Also, no more than two bicyclists may ride side-by-side.

Know the rules of the road before you ride. It will keep you, and others on the road, safe. Contact us today at Lewis & Feldman, LLC if you have any questions or concerns about the bicycle laws in our state at 205-896-6410 or toll free at 888-705-3997 for a free, no-risk consultation.

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