5 On-the-Job Injuries

5 On-the-job Injuries

(Rotator Cuff Tear, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, Biceps tendon tears, Shoulder Instability, Shoulder replacements)

When you have an arm or shoulder injury, it can put a halt on pretty much any physical activity. This may affect your ability to perform your job; however, if this injury is the result of work, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. When you get an injury at work, first you should report it to your employer- in writing if possible.

Following your report, you should seek medical care with an authorized treating physician. Be sure to keep a copy of your diagnosis, treatment and other appointments. Common arm and shoulder injuries from work-related incidents include the following:

Rotator Cuff Tears
Your rotator cuff is an essential group of muscles and tendons that help to keep the shoulder stabilized. It allows you to lift and rotate your arm, so when you injure your rotator cuff, it will weaken your shoulder and can make daily activities much more difficult.

Shoulder Impingement
Shoulder impingement is possibly the most common work-related shoulder injury for those who work with their hands above shoulder level most of the day. When you experience shoulder impingement, your rotator cuff muscles become inflamed which can result in a lot of pain. In worst-case scenarios, it can cause the loss of arm movement at the shoulder.

Bicep Tendon Tear
Bicep tendons are what connect your bicep muscle to your bones in the shoulder and elbow. When you tear the bicep tendon in your shoulder, you will probably experience loss of arm strength. Although many people only need simple treatments for bicep tendon tears, it is still essential to make sure you receive the necessary treatment, or surgery may be required.

Shoulder Instability
Shoulder instability is when the upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder, also known as being dislocated. When your shoulder continues to pop out of place repeatedly, it is known as chronic shoulder instability. Shoulder instability can occur as a result of being overused.

Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder replacement surgery is when the damaged parts of your shoulder are removed and replaced with artificial components. When you receive shoulder replacement, you can either get the head of the humerus bone replaced or the ball and socket replaced. A multitude of conditions can cause shoulder pain and lead to for this surgery.

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