Satisfied Clients

Below and on the following pages are testimonials from some of the many clients we have been proud to serve. We also invite you to read our Google reviews, and clients have rated Jon Lewis on Avvo as well.

As a solo practitioner, I have from time-to-time the need to refer certain types of legal matters for more specialized assistance to my clients. One of those areas is litigation. In that regard, I have used Danny Feldman as occasions arose and have always been pleased with his expertise, interest and insights. My clients have felt likewise. I would not hesitate either to use Danny again or recommend him to others in situations involving potential litigation.

Clark Collier, Attorney – Birmingham, AL

I have associated Josh on a number of cases through the years. He has always been a consummate professional. He has made the cases that I referred a top priority and always receives an excellent result. I wouldn't hesitate to refer cases to Josh.

Josh J. Mitchell – Birmingham, AL
Bouloukos, Oglesby & Mitchell

Danny Lehane is a very aable and knowledgeable attorney. We completely trust him and his ability to take care of our clients. I am pleased to have an attorney with his dignity and his integrity to refer clients who need his expertise. We will continue to refer more cases to Danny Lehane.

H. Doug Redd – Pinson, AL
The Redd Law Firm, P.C.

Danny Lehane is an outstanding attorney that I have been privileged to know and work with for most of my career. I have always been impressed with his expertise and I have referred clients to him with various personal injury, workers compensation, and disability cases. Danny was able to get great results for those clients, and they all thanked me for sending them to Danny and his firm.

Brad Green – Birmingham, AL
King & Green, LLC

It is an honor and a pleasure for me to share my experiences with Danny Feldman of the law rm Lewis & Feldman, LLC. I first met Danny in 2008 and referred a personal injury case for his consideration. Although the case had some difficult fact and legal issues to deal with, Danny agreed to take the referral. He did a great job, way above my expectations. He was able to reach a settlement which allowed a very elderly and ailing lady to avoid the stress of depositions and trial. I have turned to Danny for assistance in several other personal injury cases since then, including automobile crash cases, and he has provided the best legal representation and expertise one could ever expect; all were successfully concluded for the client. Now, every now and again a case presents itself that may or may not be one to pursue. When we met with the prospective client to discuss such a case, he was able to clearly explain, in layman terms, the reasons the case was not one to go forward. In each of these few situations the client went away satisfied that they had received good, fair, and acceptable legal advice. All of this is because Danny is personable, professional, and experienced; the client knows that good advice is being rendered. I consider Danny Feldman to be one of the best that I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with over my 36+ years as an attorney, sole-practitioner.

Charles C. Elliott, Attorney – Birmingham, AL

I have known Jon Lewis and worked directly with him as an opponent and occasionally as a mediator for more than 15 years. He is one of the most competent and resourceful attorneys I have met in my career. No one works harder to get the job done and he is very personable to work with. I have referred potential clients to Jon in the past and know that if he accepts their case they will be well served.

Brett Ross – Birmingham, Alabama
Carr Allison

I first met Jon when he represented my wife following an automobile accident. He was the picture of professionalism and integrity. I later became an attorney and much of the way I conduct my business and handle clients, I learned from Jon. When it comes to personal injury, wrongful death and fraud cases, I never hesitate to refer clients to Lewis & Feldman, LLC. Jon is what other attorneys should aspire to be.

Davy M. Hay, Attorney – Millbrook, AL

I would like to thank Jon Lewis and his firm for their help in settling our dispute.

We had tried to reasonably deal with the party with which we had a dispute with very little success. We spent a lot of our own time trying to get this company to fix our problems. We had excellent documentation and had been very reasonable with our request for a solution. We were put off for several months. We finally reached a point where the company refused to take any further action to resolve our complaints.

I found Mr. Lewis' firm while doing an internet search for information on our problem. From the very first talk with Mr. Lewis I felt confident that he could help us with our situation. It was reassuring to us that Jon would personally and promptly return our phone calls when questions arose.

After months of frustration trying to deal with this corporation ourselves, Mr. Lewis was able to get the matter settled promptly and to our great satisfaction.

Valorie and Bruce Hilbun - Madison, AL

"A few months ago, I was walking through a haunted house with several family members and I tripped on something that was in the middle of the floor.

I suffered an injury and asked them to help with my medical bills. I tried to contact the responsible parties, but no one would return my calls. A friend referred the attorneys at Robert F. Lewis, P.C. I could not have been happier. There was always open communication, they were always available for me to get in touch with them-and the settlement was exactly what I requested.

There are times when you need someone to speak for you, to represent, your interests and your concerns. For those times, I highly recommend the law firm of Robert F. Lewis, P.C."

Clara C. Zeigler - Birmingham, AL

I used Robert F. Lewis, P.C. attorneys twice. My car was hit and I needed legal representation to help pay for my injuries and for the repairs to the car.

I was more than a little nervous because this was the first time I've used an attorney. But the attorneys for Robert F. Lewis P.C. made me feel extremely comfortable. They took the time to listen to me, and treated me with respect. They were forceful, and I received what I needed to repair my car, plus compensation for my injuries. Another time was a dispute with Wal-Mart. I had purchased a toy for my grandchild, and they were supposed to put it together. Not only did they not put it together, they questioned whether I bought it. After Jon filed a lawsuit, they paid me 10 times what the toy cost. If any of my family or friends needs an attorney, I always send them to Robert F. Lewis P.C.

Elizabeth Billips - Birmingham, AL

I purchased an automobile from a Ford dealership and was having constant problems. I brought it in several times, but the service department would not repair my car. I called Robert F. Lewis P.C. and asked them to help me. After one call, Jon immediately contacted them.

While the case was ongoing, I would call Jon and he would always talk to me and keep my updated on the progress. Ultimately, I could not have been happier. I would certainly go to Jon for other problems, and I am happy to send him clients as well.

I was treated fairly and Jon made me fill like a real person, not just a case number. When you're having legal problems, you want someone that will take care of you and someone who genuinely cares about your welfare. My thanks go to Jon Lewis, and I wish him well.

Amy Reaves - Attalla, AL

I had an automobile that had a defect in the alignment of the glass. The dealership worked on it on five different occasions, but couldn't fix it. They wanted to send it to an outside company to fix it, but the car manufacturer would not honor the warranty if they did that. I searched the internet and found Jon. A few days after our initial meeting, he sent a letter to the manufacturer. It took some time for them to respond, and Jon was not happy with their offer. We then proceeded to their informal arbitration, and Jon was not happy with that either, so he filed a lawsuit. He kept after them until we received the settlement he wanted. I ended up with a totally new car. I was also involved in a car accident, and Jon handled my personal injury case. I was also very happy with the result of that, as well.

He always made me feel that my case was important. There were a few times when I was thinking about accepting a settlement, but Jon kept telling me that he thought I should wait until I received one that was more fair. I appreciate all of his hard work, and have already referred him to a friend.

Scott Garland - Lipscomb, AL

I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra. Not long after I bought it, I had problems starting the car, and I took it back to the dealership. It took a long time for them to decide what was wrong, and after several attempts, they could never fix it. I wrote a letter to Nissan North America, and did not get a helpful response. I then decided to contact the Better Business Bureau. They sent a letter to Nissan, and got the same type of letter that I received from them. In other words, Nissan wasn't going to help, and I was on my own. That's when I decided that I needed an attorney.

After researching lemon law on the internet, I found Robert. F. Lewis, P.C. I contacted the firm, and they took my case. Jon Lewis contacted Nissan North America, negotiated with them, and within a short period of time he was able to recover the full amount allowed in a case, such as mine.

Jon kept me very well informed during my case. In fact, it was not unusual for him to call me and let me know what was happening before I called him. I would highly recommend Robert F. Lewis, P.C. and Jon Lewis.

Dorothy Gladney - Bessemer, AL

I was traveling with my mom and niece when I was involved in a serious automobile accident that involved an 18-wheeler. Two attorneys agreed to take my case, but I was not getting any satisfaction from them. They would not return my calls. I never knew what was going on, and they made me feel that they were just sitting on it, and that I was not a priority for them.

A friend of my dad's recommended the law firm of Robert F. Lewis P.C. From the first time we met, I felt completely comfortable. Jon Lewis took the time to listen to me and agreed to take my case. He kept us updated and informed throughout the entire process. He obviously had handled cases involving 18-wheelers before because we were 100 percent satisfied with the settlement.

We were so happy with the outcome that we have already recommended Robert F. Lewis P.C. to other family members, and we would not hesitate to contact him again ourselves.

Penny Holloway - Birmingham, AL

Some time ago, I was in an automobile accident where a young lady hit me head on. My truck was knocked down a 50-foot ravine. I was in the hospital for 16 days, and in rehab for almost 20 days. There were giant problems with both my and her insurance company, and it became apparent that we were going to need an attorney to intervene.

We called Robert F. Lewis, P.C. They continually worked with the insurance companies for over a year, and we received a settlement that we thought was very fair. Both Robert and Jon Lewis were very efficient. They worked hard and we were very pleased with the outcome. We would highly recommend the firm to anyone else.

Larry Smith - Moulton, AL

I purchased an automobile that had a myriad of problems. But, due to a technicality, I did not qualify for help under the Alabama Lemon Law. I went on the internet to research the Lemon Law and found a link to Robert F. Lewis, P.C. From that link, I contacted Jon Lewis and explained my problem to him.

Jon then contacted General Motors about resolving the problem. He was great in keeping me informed on the progress of my case. The settlement was reached in a much shorter time than I anticipated, which was wonderful. Jon got me a great settlement!

I highly recommend Robert F. Lewis, P.C. and if I ever need an attorney again, it will definitely be Jon Lewis.

Larry Walters - Birmingham, AL

I injured my back at work and I filed a workman's compensation claim. After six months, the workmens' comp office decided that I needed surgery to correct my back injury. I submitted the request to a panel in Atlanta, who declined to approve the surgery after their own doctor had recommended it.

Soon after that, I spoke to Jon Lewis. He contacted the Workmens' Compensation Office. After his discussion with them, they changed their minds and approved the surgery. It never would have happened without Jon's help.

The most important thing about my experience with Robert F. Lewis, P.C. was the great way that Jon stayed in touch with me. He was always available to talk with me, answer questions and keep me apprised of what was going on. I will absolutely call Jon again!

Paul Davidson - Birmingham, AL

Jon Lewis of Robert F. Lewis, P.C. recently handled a legal matter for me. He gave me realistic expectations from the start. He was attentive to my case and considerate of the stress that I was under during the process.

He returned my calls, kept me updated and accomplished the task in a timely and professional manner. What else could anyone ask for? I highly recommend Jon Lewis as the gold standard by which other professionals can be judged.

Warren Candler - Birmingham, AL

I was working for a company and hurt my back. I tried going through worker’s compensation, but they weren't willing to help me. I found Robert F. Lewis, P.C. on the internet. Jon took my case, but my supervisor told me I didn't need an attorney, so that ended our business relationship. The company did not do anything for me, so I re-hired Jon. It took three years to settle, but Jon worked hard, and I eventually received a very good settlement. I would certainly contact Robert F. Lewis, P.C. again if I needed legal representation.

Richard Autry - Newman, GA

I was driving home from a trip when an automobile rear-ended me going approximately 85 mph. The driver kept going and didn't stop. The wreck caused me to break my thumb in two places and totaled my van.

I contacted Robert F. Lewis, P.C. and they immediately took my case. Jon Lewis contacted both GMAC and my insurance company, which initially refused to take responsibility. After Jon threatened to file suit, they changed their minds, and I received a very good recovery. In fact, I was able to purchase a new truck. Jon kept me informed all through the process, and I really appreciated that. I would not hesitate to refer the attorneys at Robert F. Lewis, P.C. if I knew someone needed legal representation.

Brian Ledoux - Sulphur, LA

I was involved in a head-on collision. As a result, I dislocated my foot, hand and incurred back injuries. I contacted Robert F. Lewis, P.C. and was very happy with their client service.

Jon Lewis was cordial and always let me know what was happening throughout the process. I received a very good settlement and would be happy to use Robert F. Lewis, P.C. again.

Marcus Lewis - Birmingham, AL

I purchased a 1999 Explorer and immediately heard a knocking noise. After several trips to the dealership, they finally replaced the motor. I, however, continued to hear the noise.

The car died approximately one year later, and the dealership said that there was nothing they could do. I found Robert F. Lewis, P.C. over the internet. I contacted them, and they gladly took my case. It went into arbitration, we won on all issues, and I received an award. Jon Lewis was not satisfied, so he appealed, but was unsuccessful. I was very pleased with the award, and Jon's efforts. He fought hard and went above and beyond the call of duty. We would definitely use him again, and would recommend Robert F. Lewis, P.C. to anyone.

Lee and Kimberly Poe - Clanton, AL

I received a personal injury and contacted the attorneys at Robert F. Lewis, P.C. They were very helpful, and I received as much as I could have received,

even if my case had gone to trial, within a few months, when other attorneys told me it would take several years to settle the case. They always treated me with respect and would go out of their way to make me feel like I counted and that I was a priority. I would recommend the attorneys of Robert F. Lewis, P.C. to anyone.

Lorry Marsh - Joppa, Alabama

Kathie was a passenger in an automobile when it was struck from behind while stopped at a red light. Her seat belt did not engage, and she hit the windshield so hard that she was taken from the scene by ambulance to the hospital.

She had to have surgery to fuse two discs in her neck. As a result, she has permanent damage from the accident. We tried to contact the driver who hit the car and their insurance company, but got stonewalled. We contacted Jon Lewis, who immediately made phone calls to places like hospitals, doctor's offices, bill collectors and so on. Jon stayed in contact with us, and kept us informed every step of the way.

We weren't getting anywhere until Jon stepped in to help us. We definitely feel we would not have received the same settlement without Jon's help. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needed legal advice.

George and Kathie Bruss - McCalla, AL

I was traveling with my father-in-law on a highway, when two young girls hit us head on. Our truck went off the road, over the side of a mountain and caught fire. I was taken to the Huntsville Trauma Center with extensive injuries.

My mother-in-law contacted Robert F. Lewis, P.C. We were kept informed the entire time Jon was pursuing the case. Robert really fought for us, and we received a much larger judgment then we ever dreamed possible.

There are many stereotypes about attorneys, but both Robert and his son, Jon, don't fit any of them. They are truly caring people. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone needing help.

Ronettia K. Reeves - Moulton, AL

I recently purchased a truck from a local dealer. It immediately had a lot of problems with it. A friend told me about Lemon Laws and I went on the internet and found Robert F. Lewis, P.C. Jon Lewis contacted Ford Motor Company, and almost immediately got a response that they would pay off the truck.

I was amazed at how fast Jon was able to get a settlement from Ford. The whole thing was settled in a few weeks. I would definitely use Jon again, and have already recommended him to two friends who are having problems with their trucks.

Don Brasher - Leeds , AL

I was involved in a serious accident when my 18-wheeler was struck by another 18-wheeler. Due to an almost severed right ear, several fractured ribs and my left leg broken in 6 places, I was hospitalized for almost two weeks.

I contacted Robert F. Lewis P.C. and shortly thereafter, Robert immediately visited me. Both Robert and his son Jon made me feel very comfortable about filing a suit. Both of them convinced me that they were only trying to receive a judgment that was fair to me.

They took my case and immediately started the process to reach a settlement. There were countless meetings and filings, but Mr. Lewis kept me very well informed at every aspect of the case. We received a wonderful settlement and are extremely pleased.

Lynn & Delores Pettway - Birmingham , Alabama

I found Robert and Jon on the internet. This was the first time I had ever used an attorney. They were so easy to talk to. Over the course of four years we became like family.

They helped me with a wrongful death case and talked me through the process step-by-step. We ended up receiving a deal and settling out of court. I am so blessed to have known such wonderful people. I would not hesitate to refer Lewis attorneys' to my friends and family.

Janis Sanford - Decatur , AL

I found Jon at Robert F. Lewis, P.C., through a friend who told me about the lemon law. So I went to him in June and received a settlement by November!

My car was paid off; they paid Robert F. Lewis, P.C. , and paid me back what I had already spent on the car. Jon worked so hard and fast on my case. I would have to say Jon is a very good lawyer. He knows law and is a very hard worker. He would call me back even if he was not at work. I would definitely use the attorneys at Robert F. Lewis, P.C. again.

Lynette Sanford - Parrish , AL

In an effort to help a friend with the expenses of starting up his business, I agreed to purchase a computer from him, using my credit. We signed and he agreed to make all payments.

After three payments and no communication with me, he made no attempt to continue his obligation. Since the individual was an attorney, I knew my only options were to secure legal assistance.

I went to Robert F. Lewis, P.C. for advice, and Jon Lewis recommended small claims court. After setting a court date, the individual decided to settle out of court. He still did not meet the terms of the settlement, so a lien was put on his home. Shortly thereafter, he offered a settlement less than the debt owed. Jon suggested that I hold out for the entire amount. A few weeks later, I receive a check for more than the original amount. I was thrilled! I thought I this would never be resolved, and I am very happy with the outcome. I would definitely use Robert F. Lewis, P.C. again.

Kathy Vircik - Alabaster, AL

About five months ago, I had a car accident. An elderly gentleman accidentally pulled out in front of me, and I hit him.

The wreck put me in the hospital with a shattered heel. A week later, the man died of natural causes, and I was left to pay all the medical expenses. That is when I called Robert F. Lewis, P.C., for help. Jon and Robert came to my home for our initial meeting. When I heard he was willing to drive to Jasper for our meeting, I decided he was the lawyer for me. They were so friendly and really cared about my situation. Both Jon and his dad help me reach a settlement with the gentleman¹s insurance company. I am very pleased with his services, and would definitely use Robert F. Lewis, P.C. again. I would not use anyone else.

Jennifer Nicole Walker - Jasper, AL

I was involved in a lemon law case with my Ford. I had numerous, persistent transmission problems which Ford was unable to repair.

Jon Lewis of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., handled the case for me. I found them on an internet search engine. Jon handled the case through a dispute settlement board and even continued the process when they did not want to pay the attorney fees. I got a new car in the settlement, and I am very pleased. I am a very detail-oriented person and Jon and his staff kept me well informed and answered all my questions. If I could not speak with Jon immediately, he was always very quick to return my call. I was very happy with the services of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., and would use them again and also would recommend them to others.

Tara Rattler - Birmingham, Alabama

Another dog attacked my dog and the owner refused to pay the costly vet bills. Given my association as a working team member for the Hand-in-Paw organization, they referred me to Stuart McAtee of Robert F. Lewis, P.C.

Hand-in-Paw knew of the firm because a portion of their legal fees is contributed to the Hand-in-Paw organization. Satisfaction for the vet bills was obtained without having to make a court appearance, which is something I am extremely grateful for. I am most appreciative of Stuart McAtee's understanding that justice in this case was vitally important to me. There are not many attorneys who would have taken a case such as mine, due to the fact that only animals were involved. The attorneys and staff of Robert F. Lewis, P.C. are extremely compassionate, and I have a great deal of respect for their firm.

Susie Margotta - Birmingham , Alabama

A 16 year old was coming from a private road at a very high speed and hit us. Our truck was totaled, and Larry injured his back.

We experienced some great financial hardship because Larry owns a brick masonry business, and he had to pay people to work instead of bringing home the money himself. A neighbor told us about Robert F. Lewis, P.C., and we spoke to Stuart McAtee. Stuart was great to work with. He kept us informed, moved the case along and reached a settlement much faster than we anticipated; he was very courteous and respectful. We would definitely use them again, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.

Larry and Laurice Scott - Hoover, Alabama

I was driving a logging truck when a lady, who never stopped, ran me off the road. The truck flipped, and I was in the hospital for over a week.

I found Robert F. Lewis, P.C., on television through a help-line. I talked with Robert Lewis and then with his son, Jon. I presented my case, and both men agreed to help me. I was kept well-informed as the case progressed and received a great settlement. I would highly recommend the firm of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., to anyone needing legal help. They are just good people! In fact, they are handling another case for me right now.

Thomas Hammack - Bankston, Alabama

I felt very comfortable with Jon Lewis and trusted he had my best interest at heart.

I am extremely glad I found their web site, and had the opportunity to speak with him. I believe I could not have found anyone better. I would be pleased to give Jon's name to anybody in need of legal services.

Timothy Donahue

I purchased a new truck for my son from Ivan Chevrolet in Hoover, Alabama. Soon, the truck had mechanical problems, and the dealer continually said it just had problems.

At this point, we had already purchased a replacement vehicle and realized we were stuck with a truck that could not be repaired. I found Robert F. Lewis, P.C. online while researching Alabama's lemon law. Jon Lewis agreed to handle our case. He sent a letter to GMAC, and they responded quickly with a resolution. The entire process took only a few weeks, and I was kept well informed throughout. I was very impressed with his secretary who was very helpful. We would highly recommend the firm of Robert F. Lewis, P.C. to anyone needing legal assistance.

Sandra Wood - Birmingham, Alabama

I had problems with the brakes on my Nissan Titan Truck. Nissan replaced them every 4,000 miles, with no real "fix" for the problem.

I found Robert F. Lewis, P.C., on the internet from their web site. I spoke to Stuart McAtee, and the problem was solved within two weeks. I was very pleased with how quickly the case was handled and would definitely use the law offices of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., again. I have even referred two friends to them!

Jeff Higgonbotham - Warrior, AL

From the time I first met the attorneys at Robert F. Lewis, P.C., they made me feel welcome and secure.

They were very professional, caring, and diligently worked with me on my case. I felt they were genuinely concerned for my well-being. They were responsive, returning my calls and constantly keeping me updated on my case. As I look back, I really don't think I would have received justice had I not used Robert F. Lewis, P.C. I highly recommend them.

Hazel Mahone - Birmingham, AL

I was on a public street on what appeared to be level ground. However, when I stepped on a repaired area, it was sloped about two inches.

I fell and broke my wrist and sustained cuts on my face. I underwent two different surgeries on my wrist and still have hardware in place today. On my own, I could not get any satisfaction from the City of Birmingham. After a year and a half, I contacted the offices of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., from their ad in the phone book. I had never used an attorney before and was very hesitant. I first spoke with Robert Lewis. The firm took the case, and Jon Lewis handled all of the details for me. The case went in front of a jury, and I received a wonderful settlement. Mr. Lewis kept me very informed of the proceedings and did a great job for me. I would recommend the firm of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., to others, and will use them again if I need any legal assistance.

Gail Phillips - Birmingham, AL

I was constantly having problems with my BMW and was receiving no satisfactory response from the dealer.

I found out that Robert F. Lewis, P.C., handled lemon law cases. I contacted Jon Lewis, and he accepted my case. Jon immediately knew whom to contact. After he spoke to a representative at BMW North America, I received a new BMW within two weeks. I was very impressed with Jon´s knowledge of the law and his ability to bring things to a successful conclusion in such a timely manner. I would definitely use him again.

John Cassimus - Birmingham, AL

My son was involved in a very bad automobile accident in September.

A man traveling approximately 85 mph crossed two lanes of traffic and hit my son from behind in Mississippi, and the accident happened in Alabama. My local attorney could not handle an out-of-state case, so I went online and found Robert F. Lewis, P.C. I was connected with Stuart McAtee, and he handled the case for us. Mr. McAtee stayed in contact with me to keep me apprised of where things stood. In October, we received the best settlement possible for this type of claim in Alabama. I was extremely pleased with the service and the speed of the outcome of our case. I would use the firm of Robert F. Lewis, P.C., again, and would definitely recommend them to others.

Mandy Reid - Greenville, MS

I felt I needed legal assistance and had already visited two attorneys. Both told me I did not have a case.

However, I visited Robert F. Lewis, P.C., to get their opinion. After some research, they determined that I did have a case, and I could not have been happier. They treated me as an individual, not just a client. They focused on what my family´s needs were at the time. They were very concerned, not only for my future, but also for my wife and newborn son. Robert F. Lewis, P.C., definitely went the extra mile, while the other two firms gave up before it started. I was so pleased with the outcome that I have referred Robert F. Lewis, P.C., several times since, and would not hesitate to do so in the future.

Mike Wilkerson - Huntsville, AL

After weeks of seeking assistance from my local Honda dealer without resolution, I was certain that involving Honda Corporate would be even more challenging.

I realized that I would need help. However, I had never dealt with an attorney before. I was not sure how to find one that was familiar with Alabama Lemon Law, or one that I would be comfortable with. After talking to Jon Lewis, I knew I had found one who knew the law and one I could talk to. I was surprised when it was resolved in less than six months, rather than the two years, that I expected. Jon was always willing to answer any and all questions I had. He was willing to guide me through the process. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and the manner in which he handled the claim. I will definitely recommend Jon Lewis to family and friends that need legal assistance in the future.

Frances Blanchard - Ozark, AL

I had leased a Ford Mustang and began having problems. The car would just cut out off while I was driving.

I took it to the dealer several times, but could not help. I contacted an attorney, but they didn't get any results. I returned to the internet and found Jon Lewis.

Jon decided to take my case. Shortly, thereafter the stalling caused me to have a wreck. Jon was very diligent about getting all of the facts about the car from the mechanics and me. Since he was getting nowhere with Ford from writing letters, he decided to file a suit. Ford eventually decided to settle out of court.

Ford was very hard to work with alone. Jon made it easy. I feel the whole matter was handled in a timely manner with great results. I would definitely recommend the firm of Lewis & Feldman, LLC to anyone.

Herschel Young - Fultondale, AL

A collection agency was harassing me about a charge that was not even mine, and I wasn't having any luck resolving it. My father-in-law recommended Jon Lewis, and he took the case, even though it only concerned three to four hundred dollars. During the year it took to resolve the issue, Jon kept me constantly updated. I would receive a letter in the mail or a phone call from Jon that kept me posted on the progress of the case.

The case was not about money. It was about principle and the financial damage that could have resulted both personally and professionally if I had just dropped it, and let it stand on my record. I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Jon, and was pleased that he treated me so fairly and honestly.

Jeffrey Martin - Pinson, AL

I was injured on the job and needed two neck surgeries, in addition to having a titanium disc inserted into my back. I was recommended to Lewis, Feldman, Lehane & McAtee, LLC by a co-worker. I started working with Robert F. Lewis. After he fell ill, his son, Jon, took over the case.

He kept me well informed on the status of the case. Lewis, Feldman, Lehane & McAtee are very good attorneys and are great to work with. I would definitely recommend the firm to others.

Barry Stevenson - Birmingham, AL

I was in a car accident, and my cousin referred me to Danny Lehane. I was extremely happy to have him as my attorney. He is an excellent lawyer and I really like him as a person. He always returned my calls promptly and kept me informed throughout the case. At one point, I changed my telephone number and his staff had trouble contacting me. Danny reached me through the mail to make sure I was OK, and nothing had happened to me. I appreciated all of Danny's efforts and at the end of the case, I knew he did his very best. I would certainly recommend Danny Lehane to any friends or family who needed an attorney.

Geraldine Jolly - Fairfield, Alabama

I was involved in a slip and fall case. A friend of mine referred Danny Feldman. He is an excellent attorney. He was very good at guiding me and breaking everything down so I could easily understand what was going on. He kept me updated every step of the way. If Danny went to court, he would let me know before hand, and tell me about the results when it was over with. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the case, and would highly recommend Danny to my friends and family.

Von Juett - Birmingham, Alabama

Four years ago, two friends and I were riding bicycles. It was early on a Sunday morning. A drunken driver plowed into all of us. I was in the hospital 10 days. As I lay in the hospital bed, I worried about how I was going to pay for all of this hospital care, future therapy sessions, and my ability to continue my work as an architect and care for my family. I had two children who were looking to attend college in a few years and I heard about nightmares with insurance claims.

Richard Banson - Birmingham, Alabama

I was riding down the road on my bicycle, when a truck pulled out in front of me. I was thrown off and broke my arm. I felt like I needed an attorney to help deal with the insurance company. I found Danny Feldman's name on a bicycle attorney web site, and from fellow bicyclists. Danny was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He took time to patiently answer my questions and was always quick to respond to my calls and emails. When the case was settled, I was very happy with the judgment. I would certainly refer Danny to anyone needing legal representation.

Peter Taachi - Birmingham, AL

My husband was involved in an automobile collision where our SUV rolled over causing him to become a quadriplegic, and we needed an attorney to represent us against the automobile manufacturer. We found Stuart McAtee through a good friend who had used him in the past. We lived in Atlanta, and really couldn't travel a lot. That was not a problem because if Stuart needed to talk to us face-to-face, he would make the two and a half hour drive to our house. He was always there for us when we needed him. He was very easy to talk to, and I don't think there's anyone in the world that could have helped us more. We were tickled to death to have him as our attorney. If anyone has a big case, I would definitely suggest contacting Stuart, and I would not hesitate to contact him again.

Martha Lusk - Rainsville, AL

I was injured at my job and had to quit. I had some serious surgery, but something went wrong and a bone came loose. My workman's comp stopped after 10 weeks. That meant I had no means to pay for any future treatment because I was in no physical shape to go back to work. My cousin had used Jon Lewis before and recommended him. Jon fought to get my workman's comp started again, and succeeded. I was able to get another doctor and surgery to correct my injury. Without Jon, I don't know where I would be. After the trial, the judge commended Jon for his work. I'm more than pleased with the outcome, and I'm truly thankful for Jon. I have referred him more business and would certainly use him again if I needed representation.

Tim Garrison - Double Springs, AL

Susan Cotten was seriously injured when a SUV collided with her while she was riding a bike. Learn how Daniel Feldman helped her through her case and her recovery.

Susan Cotten - Birmingham, Alabama

I am a postal worker and was attacked by two great danes. My injuries required stitches in my head, breast, arm and side.

It was a very terrifying experience, and I genuinely feel that I will be traumatized for the rest of my life. An acquaintance referred me to Robert F. Lewis, P.C. Jon Lewis agreed to take my case. He constantly kept me informed, and was very honest about what I could expect in a settlement. However, I was extremely satisfied with our settlement, and I would be happy to recommend Robert F. Lewis, P.C., to others.

Lavena Archer - Mt. Olive, Alabama

I went to the workers comp doctor in December 2009, which found my back injury and workers comp began to pay me a monthly check, as I could not work. A friend told me that if I did not get an attorney that I would regret it when dealing with workers comp. I looked on the internet for a workers comp attorney and Danny’s name jumped out at me. I phoned him and we met in roughly February 2010 and discussed my case and I hired him to represent me. May 2010 I found myself being operated on and hardware put into my back to include screws, a steel disc, and rods. Workers Comp would hold my weekly check for any infraction they could find, if they scheduled me an appointment and did not tell me about it and I missed the appointment then they would not pay me that week. I found myself constantly fighting to get a small weekly check that I needed to survive on and the workers comp deliberately holding my check for one reason or the other.

I recall the first time I emailed Danny Lehane on a Sunday and told him I could not get paid. I did not expect an answer from an attorney on a Sunday no less and thought his secretary might call me the next day.
Within short order on a Sunday he had emailed me back and first thing Monday he called WC and I had my check within two days. He went to bat for me over and over with them for my weekly check and he worked hard to get me a settlement from them. August 2011 we settled for a decent sum of money and at that time I asked him to represent me for my social security disability claim. I began to feel like I could email him anytime day or night and he would respond.

I recall telling my wife “Can you believe a lawyer emailed me back personally on a Sunday? I did not expect such a hands on attorney and I was impressed by his diligence for me. He has a personality that sets a person at ease and you feel as though you’re talking to a friend instead of an attorney. I believe that he worked so hard for me because he cared, I was not just a client but a human being that he wanted to see me get what was due to me.

June 25th 2012 Danny and I met at the Social Security Disability Hearing and he was able to help me win my case for disability. Prior to the hearing he met with me, emailed me repeatedly and assured me when I was concerned on the outcome. I have never met an attorney who was as concerned about a client as a person, he knew I depended on my check to live and he would jump on WC every time they would not pay me on time. Danny has always been prompt on responding personally most attorneys will have their legal assistant return your calls or emails, not Danny he took the time to do it himself.

I would recommend Daniel Lehane to anyone who needs an attorney for Workers Comp, for Social Security Disability, or for any case that demands a hands on, dedicated, caring attorney who will fight for you relentlessly until the case is settled in your favor. I have never encountered an attorney like Daniel Lehane nor will I ever again; I am convinced he is one of a kind.

Sgt. Johnnie K Wood - U.S. Army Retired

I was trying to settle a claim for an automobile accident. It was the other driver’s fault and their insurance company did not respond to me. They didn’t seem like they were interested to settle. I felt like I needed legal representation. I found Danny Feldman and the firm of Lewis & Feldman on the internet. He was very easy to work with. He really cared about me as a client and provided good advice. Each member of the staff was very good at keeping me up to date on the status of my case, and I found them to be very personable. I was extremely happy with the outcome, and most of all relieved to finally put this matter behind me. I would definitely recommend Danny and the firm to others who feel they need legal representation.

Jennifer Walker

My car was hit from behind three years ago.  The other driver's insurance company said they were taking care of it.  But, because of this and that, It was approaching my two-year anniversary, and they finally offered me a ridiculous settlement. I felt overwhelmed and helpless.  I didn’t know what I was going to do. I contacted Jon Lewis, we met and I immediately felt a sense of relief, safety and security.

He radiates confidence, and always treated me with respect.  The whole incident hung over me like a black cloud.   But, from the time I first chatted with him, I knew, whatever came out of it, I would accept and end that chapter of my life. The settlement exceeded my expectations. I have already told the story to my family and staff and would highly recommend Jon Lewis to anyone needing legal representation.  He levels the playing field, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Dr. Martha Barber - Birmingham, AL

I was riding my motorcycle, when I was hit head on by an elderly woman driver.  I went over my handlebars, right into her windshield.  I tore my calf muscle, and suffered other minor injuries.  I was in the hospital for a week, and had to be home for two and a half months, during which I had skin draft surgery on my leg.

An attorney friend of the family referred me to Danny Feldman.  Working with Danny was great.  He was extremely informative, and was straight up with me.  He kept me informed all along the way.  Even when there was nothing particular to report, Danny would call me and keep me posted on the progress of the case.

My recovery was more than I expected.  It helped me take care of my doctor bills and replace my bike.  My wife had recently quit her job to start her own company, so my compensation really helped out, just at the right time.

I would not hesitate to use Danny for any future legal matters, and I would feel very comfortable referring him to anyone who needed legal representation.

Nick Brunson

I was in a head on collision. I visited another attorney, but wasn’t comfortable with him. Someone recommended Danny Feldman, and I could not have been happier. He was very patient with me and kept me informed throughout the case. He had that spirit of excellence. He stuck to his word, and I was impressed with his honesty. Mr. Feldman was straightforward and never talked down to me. He always treated me with respect.

I never hesitate to tell people how much I enjoyed working with Danny and how happy I was with the settlement. I even made sure I took some of his business cards to hand out, myself. I was honored to be his client.

Kerlotta Rembert

My house was being wrongly foreclosed on, and I knew I needed legal representation to keep that from happening.  I talked to other attorneys, but they didn’t seem like they were going to be able to help.  I found Jon Lewis on the internet and gave him a call.

Jon met with me, listened to what I had to say, and told me he could help me. Jon was excellent.  He knew exactly what to do to keep my house from being foreclosed.  He kept me informed the whole time.  He and his staff always treated me with respect and were always nice and cordial.

I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case.  If it were not for Jon and the firm, I don’t know if I would still be living in my home.  I would certainly recommend Jon Lewis and the firm to anyone who needed legal representation.

Altumura Bynum

I was purchasing a new home and had given someone earnest money as an advance. Conditions changed and according to an agreement, I was to have my earnest money returned to me. However, the other party refused. Another attorney referred me to Jon Lewis. He did a phenomenal job. Jon is nice and polite and extremely easy to like.

I was very impressed with the fact that he took care of everything very quickly. It was like things were settled and I got my money back in the blink of an eye. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Annette Smith

I was injured on the job when hit in the back of the neck by an ice machine. The accident broke my shoulder and I suffered some nerve damage. My workers’ compensation carrier began declining to pay for and cancelling my doctor appointments. I was coming up on the deadline to act. Another attorney referred me to Jon Lewis, and I’m glad they did.

Jon was extremely decisive, pursued all options and made decisions on a timely manner. I was impressed with his command of the law, his honesty and his candor. I can definitely say Jon has done a great job and I would certainly refer him to family and friends.

Jason Coleman

I was in an automobile wreck where someone pulled out in front of me at an intersection and caused a serious collision. I was taken by an ambulance and airlifted to the hospital. I had cuts, bruises, burns and broken teeth. I had medical bills coming in, and the other driver’s insurance would not cover them. I needed legal representation.

I found Jon Lewis over the internet. I was immediately impressed with him. Throughout the process he kept me informed, either through emails or telephone conversations. I particularly appreciate never being put on hold when I called him. I was always able to talk to him directly.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I thought, at best, we would get enough money to pay for my medical bills. But, we received more for the pain and suffering I incurred. I would be happy to refer Jon to anyone needing legal representation.

Karen Rushing

I was riding my bicycle, when a negligent driver ran a red light and collided into me. I sustained a compound tibia/fibula fracture on my right leg and had to undergo several surgeries. I knew I needed an attorney. The cycling community in Alabama is very close-knit. The law firm of Lewis & Feldman has sponsored several cycling teams and I had heard and seen their name all over the place. Also, several people recommended them while I was in the hospital. Danny Feldman knew every little detail about what to consider when valuing property for reimbursement, which insurance policies applied to what, and how to maximize the benefit. This was especially great because cycling on the road falls into a few grey areas most people aren't really sure about. In the end, it all went well and I definitely came out ahead. I have recommended Danny to several others and I will continue to do so. Danny is a great guy and is very helpful to the cycling community.

Nathan Robinson