Process of a Personal Injury Case: Initial Stages

Step 1 – Initial Stages

1. Initial Stages
3. Trial

We send representation letters to the Defendant(s) and/or appropriate insurance adjusters Usually, it takes a few weeks to a month to hear back from the appropriate individual(s)

We send for complete medical record information and itemized bills. This requires consistent communication with our client so we will know the status of medical treatment. You do not want to order certain records until treatment is complete.

At the same time we are attempting to obtain the proper medical information, we also proceed with investigating your claims. Investigation includes, but is not limited to, getting statements from proper witnesses, getting photographs of injuries, getting photographs of vehicles or products, getting photographs of accident scenes, and obtaining driver records.

Once all of the proper medical and investigation information is obtained, we forward a complete package to the adjuster. The time varies from the initial consultation until the final package is forwarded to the adjuster depending upon:

1. when the initial consultation occurs,
2. the specific type of case (i.e.: automobile accident, workers compensation, products liability, etc.), as well as
3. the type of injury involved.

At this time, negotiations usually begin with the adjuster. If reasonable compensation is offered to our clients, the case will usually be settled at this stage. However, we do not settle any cases without our clients’ written authority. If reasonable compensation is not offered or if liability is disputed by the adjuster, we will usually proceed with filing a lawsuit. Usually, the expenses of a case are low at this point, i.e.: less than $1,000.00.

Please note that not all cases begin in this fashion. Sometimes, we proceed through these initial stages and determine that the case cannot go forward. If such is the case, we let our clients know as soon as possible so they may obtain a second opinion. Sometimes, we file suit immediately in light of the factual circumstances, the injuries, and the time limitations. All cases are different, and this is a general outline of how a case proceeds.

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