Personal Injury Case Questions

Just as in any judicial case, there are an array of details that have to be attended to. This is a sample list that would assist you and your attorney move the case along the judicial system.

  1. Not only, what do you have to show the adjuster to “prove” your case, but also, to “maximize” your recovery?
  2. What issues do you have to prove to win your case?
  3. How do you get your medical records?
  4. What records do you need?
  5. How do you get a narrative report from the doctor?
  6. Who is going to photograph your car? The defendant’s car?
  7. Who is going to photograph the scene?
  8. Who is going to photograph the injuries?
  9. Who is going to get statements of witnesses?
  10. How do you know what experts you will need?
  11. Where will you locate your experts?
  12. How do you obtain the defendant’s driving record/history?
  13. Where do you obtain the defendant’s driving record/history?
  14. What verdicts have juries rendered in similar cases in the past?
  15. How much will you have to pay your health insurer if you make a recovery?
  16. Did your auto insurer pay anything, and will you have to pay them back if you make a recovery?
  17. How do you preserve evidence so it will be admissible at trial?
  18. How do you obtain evidence so it will be admissible at trial? Can you prove the other person was liable?
  19. Can you prove your damages?
  20. Have you met all of the time restrictions in order to preserve your case?
  21. Did you need to file an affidavit of claim?
  22. Do you know all of your potential sources for recovery?
  23. Who has the authority to file the case?
  24. Where do they get that authority?
  25. What if you cannot handle the stress of the injury, the financial stress, as well as dealing with the adjuster? Who will handle the stress?

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