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It means that we will examine the facts of your case and help you determine if you have a solid case that you should pursue. If you decide to pursue the case, you will be under no obligation to utilize the services of Lewis Feldman & Lehane, LLC, but we will certainly be available to you if you should need professional legal help. In addition, if your case is handled on a contingent basis, there will be no charge for our services unless recovery is made for you.

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The Latest News

Alabama Legal Food Frenzy
Alabama Legal Food Frenzy

Once again, Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC is participating in the Alabama Legal Food Frenzy.  This is a food and fund drive for the State of Alabama.  The food and funds we collect will be distributed to the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.  This is a two week fund drive (April 24 – May […]

The Election – It’s More than the President

Well, the election is six (6) days away.  Many people have many positions about the Presidential election.  We have heard about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ad nauseam.  Trump is an egotistical sexual predator who lies.  Clinton is a lying cheat – on and on and on. Well, whatever you think about those two candidates, […]

The logo for National Preparedness Month 2016 with space to customize for regions/states logos.
What’s in Your Wallet?

Are you prepared in case of an emergency?  At Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC, we are always trying to help our clients, family and friends prevent accidents, injuries and death.  That’s why we publish our Living Safer magazine.  It’s also why we provide information such as the Family Emergency Communication Plan. This plan is located […]