Bike Law & You

Published on January 16, 2018


Redemptive LogoLewis & Feldman, LLC is proud to sponsor Redemptive Cycles.  Redemptive Cycles is a local organization committed to helping the community.  Kathryn Doornbos, Ph.D. is the Executive Director,Kathrynand she succeeded the organization’s founder, Marcus Fetch.  Redemptive continues its mission of assisting those who might be down on their luck by teaching them how to refurbish and repair bicycles and earn one of their own.  Redemptive also runs a bike shop which sells new and used bikes.  Riding bikes helps reduce traffic and pollution while also increasing health and fitness of riders.  You can read more about Redemptive Cycles here.

On Thursdays, Redemptive Cycles has the Trample Ride at 6:00 pm (the ride begins at 6:30), and afterwards, the cyclists get together for camaraderie and, sometimes, for educational activities.  Last Thursday, January 11, 2018, was one suchDanny Teaching - 2 occasion.  Kathryn coordinated “Bike Law & You” with Danny Feldman.  As the local member of the National Association, Bike Law, as well as an avid cyclist himself, Danny spoke to the group after their ride, and for about an hour, they were engaged in a discussion covering various State and local laws affecting cyclists as well as insurance issues, especially the need for uninsured motorist coverage. Learning Rules of Road - 1

It was a wonderful event with a lot of questions and curiosity.  There was a handout provided along with various cycling giveaways.  For a copy of the handout, you may e-mail Danny at

Look for more events such as these, and join Redemptive Cycles for a Thursday Ride  through the streets of Birmingham.

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    Great event, very informative.

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