Alabama Legal Food Frenzy

Published on April 23, 2017

AL Legal Food Frenzy Logo - Gold Can HORZOnce again, Lewis & Feldman, LLC is participating in the Alabama Legal Food Frenzy.  This is a food and fund drive for the State of Alabama.  The food and funds we collect will be distributed to the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.  This is a two week fund drive (April 24 – May 5), and we hope you will help by either donating food at our offices or by donating here.  1.8 Million Alabamians need food assistance, and 25% of Alabama’s children come from families who experience food hardships.  Alabama has eight regional food banks, and last year alone, they distributed over 50 million pounds of food.  The largest needs begin as school ends, so the Spring and Summer is when donations are most important.

Here is one story of many which illustrates this incredible need in our State:

Panola Outreach is an agency helping families in Sumter County who are in “great need.” Lovie Burrell, their Outreach Director, explained that the families they serve often “run out of food or money before the end of the month. The food we are able to offer helps them makes ends meet, and keeps families fed.” Burrell’s group and many others are supplied with food by the West Alabama Food Bank, one of eight such organizations around the state benefitting from the Legal Food Frenzy.


The Legal Food Frenzy is timed to help stock food for the summer – when children on summer break can’t get reduced-price or free lunches at school. Burrell explained “summer time with the children home and not in school only makes things worse.” On the days that they are open they “start at 9 a.m. and help 200 families, cars start lining up at 7 a.m. for fear we will run out of food.” Without the help of the West Alabama Food Bank many families would go hungry.

We are not simply asking for money.  We are asking for food and/or monetary donations no matter how big or small.  Please help us – NO ONE IN OUR STATE OR COUNTRY SHOULD GO HUNGRY!!!

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